Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

265 pages Mysterious novel was last and unfinished master piece of Charles Dickens died leaving it's ending unknown.
This is the story of Edwin Drood and his fiance Rosa Bud, nicknamed Rosebud. Both are orphans and their late fathers decided that it would be the right thing if these two young people were to become married. But even though they like one another well enough, they don’t love each other.

Both Rosa and Edwin has a guardian –  Edwin’s is his uncle John Jasper, and Rosa’s guardian is a laywer called Grewgious who was a friend of her parents. Both Rosa and John Jaspers live in Cloisterham and he’s her music teacher. In the beginning of the novel, the twins Neville and Helena Landless moves to Cloisterham. The twins are orphans as well, and Helena ends up living at the same school as Rosa where they become friends, and Neville moves in with Rev. Crisparkle.
On the twin’s first evening in Cloisterham, they attend a dinner party at Crisparkle’s where they meet Edwin Drood, John Jasper and Rosa. Neville and Edwin get in an argument over how Edwin treats Rosa and Jasper kind of encourages their disagreement. When some time later, Edwin and Neville is attending a dinner at Jasper’s to reconcile, Edwin Drood disappears afterwards while Neville presumably being the last to see him alive.
ut the fact that Drood’s body, although missing, had never been found, hung like an enormous finger pointing down from heaven over everything. Sure enough, despite the creepy air of seeming inevitability, and the discovery of a body mouldering away in the cathedral crypt, it came as no great surprise when young Drood sauntered in five minutes from the end – blithely pointing out that he’d been away on a trip to Egypt, and that actually Jasper was really the victim in all this because his father (also Drood’s as it turned out) had never loved him.

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