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Adventures Beyond Body by William Buhlman

“What you see before you is one of many wonders of the universe. The infinity of fog you see is one of the many inner membranes dividing different frequencies of the universe. What you are witnessing is the inner structure of the universe. The stars and galaxies you see in the distance are but the outer crust of the universe. The key to true exploration is the movement through the energy membranes. As you move farther inward, toward the source, your internal energy frequency must change accordingly. You can only cross through the energy barriers that are in accordance with your inner light. What you see before you is the key to stability and structure throughout the universe.”

“All conscious energy (souls) lives within the energy frequency that is in phase with their personal vibratory rate. The membrane before you separates one wavelength of energy from another.” 
When we are out-of-body our non-physical form is not static, as it may first appear, but is actually an expansive energy system that fluctuates in its internal energy frequency. This becomes especially noticeable as we control and extend our non-physical experiences. In other words, the non-physical body is not a body at all but a highly sophisticated energy system that responds to our thoughts. As we prolong our non-physical adventures, our consciousness has a natural tendency to return to its true non-physical state.

The most significant difference appears to be the degree of responsiveness to thought of a given non-physical environment. Some non-physical environments are easily molded by thought while others are extremely resistant. I believe that all non-physical energy is thought-responsive; however, when a group of individuals maintains the same image or beliefs, the group creates, molds, and maintains a consensus reality. In effect, group thought-energy forms, stabilizes, and actually solidifies non-physical energy. The larger the group (some number in the millions), the more stable the immediate energy environment becomes. This is an important discovery because it explains the vast differences encountered when exploring the non-physical dimensions. For example, the first non-physical dimension is a parallel energy world almost identical to the physical universe. This dimension of energy existing close to the physical is molded by the consensus thoughts of the six billion inhabitants existing in the physical.

The underlying cause of this phenomenon appears to be remarkable: consciousness creates reality. All reality, including matter, is shaped and molded by thought. Creation itself is the result of conscious thought-energy influencing, arranging, and manifesting form and substance as we know it. Countless non-physical explorations into the interior of universe confirm this observation. It’s only the density of matter that obscures the truth of this from our physical senses. In the physical world, consciousness uses biological vehicles for its expression. Our physical bodies are the direct tools of our consciousness; our thoughts direct our bodies to build the reality we experience every day of our lives. This process of consciousness creating reality is more important than words can begin to express. Our recognition of this reality is the first step to true mastery of ourselves and our surroundings. Each of us possesses the creative ability and power to shape and mold his or her ideal physical, emotional, and intellectual surroundings. It is up to us, however, to recognize and implement our creative ability.

When out-of-body we are experiencing and exploring a higher-frequency environment, one that is significantly less dense than matter. This subtle energy environment is sensitive to thought. Each focused thought can and will create an immediate result: if we think of flying, we will fly; if we think of walking through a wall, we do so.
Our thoughts exert complete control over our experience. For the first time, the true creative power of thought becomes clear. This realization is a major step in our personal evolution, for now we know that we must take full responsibility for our thoughts and our life.

Many of the finest minds of modern physics consider this theory the logical basis of all reality. The eminent physicist David Bohm, Princeton physicist Eugene Wigner, Berkeley physicist Henry Pierce Stapp, and legendary physicists Walter Heirler, Fritz London, and John von Neumann are all supporters of the “consciousness creates reality” quantum theory. In increasing numbers, physicists and mathematicians around the world are arriving at the same conclusion: physical objects would have no attributes if a conscious observer were not watching them.

Each physical object we observe around us exists in multiple dimensions of the universe. As startling as it seemed, the end result was clear: all physical objects, including all life-forms, are multidimensional in nature. Everything we see around us exists as a continuum of energy.
Matter is not the center of reality as we view it. Instead, matter appears to be the end result of a series of energy interactions occurring in the unseen dimensions. With each out-of-body experience I realized more clearly that matter is only a tiny portion of the energy environments that exist. In many respects, matter is the dense outermost result of a magnificent chain of events occurring just beyond our physical vision.

It appears that our perception of matter, the visible universe, and our place in the universe is completely inaccurate. The universe we see around us is not the center of reality; it is only the outer crust, the thin epidermis layer of the unseen universe. In time, I was further convinced that everything we believe is solid and real is only a temporary vehicle of consciousness. This solid reality around us only appears real to us because we are currently focusing on our physical senses. Once we separate from our biological body, the world of matter looks like a world of ghosts, a world of hazy, ethereal forms.

With each out-of-body experience, I’ve observed that the solid physical objects around me appear as vaporous forms. In several instances, physical objects such as walls and furniture appeared like holographic images possessing a defined but vaporous substance. When I tried to touch these objects, my hand just passed through them. Often, I felt a tingling sensation as my hand or body moved through the physical objects, but the objects didn’t seem real anymore in relationship to my new vibratory rate. In addition, I noticed that the longer I remained separated from my body, the more my immediate physical surroundings seemed to fade from my view. It became obvious that the only reality to me was the objects or beings that were vibrating close to my new personal frequency rate. In other words, reality is relative to the vibrational density of the observer.

Just as light exists as both a particle and a wave at the same instant in time, so all physical objects exist simultaneously as dense molecular forms and non-physical-spiritual forms. This realization opens the door to a remarkable new frontier of exploration and research.

In 1981 the eminent theoretical physicist David Bohm proposed that the substructure of the subatomic makes sense only if we assume the existence of additional, more complex dimensions beyond our vision. This concept is growing in popularity. Many of the greatest scientific minds of the twentieth century have commented that something mysterious is occurring just beyond our technological vision. Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck, Pauli, Schrodinger, Jeans, Eddington, Bohr, and DeBroglie have all expressed a belief that physics and mysticism are somehow connected. Sir James Jeans may have summed up this belief when he stated, “The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine.”

Well-known physicist Fred Alan Wolf summarized this view when he stated, “By including quantum physics, we find strong and surprising evidence for the existence of parallel universes at the very beginning of time.”

It was not until 1935, however, that Einstein and his Princeton University associate Nathan Rosen presented their new theory concerning the function of black holes. They proposed that instead of being a simple hole or rift in space-time, as was first believed, a black hole was actually a bridge connecting one universe to another possible universe.
Einstein and Rosen stated that black holes were “bridges” to anywhere and any time. In physics today this concept is known as the Einstein-Rosen Bridge.
The Einstein-Rosen Bridge was the first widely accepted scientific theory concerning the possible existence of parallel universes or dimensions. Einstein and Rosen’s work set the stage for following generations of physicists to seriously study the concept of parallel universes. For example, the “many worlds interpretation” presented in 1951 by physicist Hugh Everett III was heavily influenced by the earlier work of Einstein and Rosen.

Over the last sixty years the concept of parallel energy-universes and their interconnecting bridges has been developed by a number of wellknown physicists, including Arthur Eddington, Christian Fronsdal, David Finkelstein, John Wheeler, G. Szertes, and Charles Misner. But it was another physicist, Princeton’s Martin Kruskal, who first developed a written concept of it. In 1961 Kruskal presented his black hole map showing an interconnection between our physical universe and another, unseen universe.

In 1963 Australian physicist and mathematician Roy P. Kerr developed precise equations relating to the rotation of black holes. Kerr’s equations indicated the existence of an infinite number of parallel universes, all directly connecting to black holes. He proposed that an infinite series or patchwork of universes extends toward the past and toward the future simultaneously. As strange as the concept may sound, Kerr’s work is highly regarded by physicists around the world. Many consider his equations to have been one of the most important developments in theoretical astrophysics in the mid-twentieth century.
In addition, H. Reissner in Germany and G. Nordstrom in Denmark formulated a scenario of black holes connecting to other universes. Because of their work, an electrically charged black hole is sometimes called a “Reissner-Nordstrom black hole.”

Observations obtained during controlled out-of-body explorations suggest that the tunnel of light is the opening of the non-physical energy membrane separating the physical dimension from its parallel non-physical neighbor. The energy tunnel commonly observed during a near-death experience is actually a highly organized temporary opening or rift in the non-physical energy membrane and appears to open automatically to allow life-forms to pass through. After the life-form (consciousness) passes within the higher-frequency energy dimension, the tunnel opening immediately returns to its original shape and form.

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