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War in Heaven by Kyle Griffith

Spirits don’t stay on the astral plane for more than a few decades between earthly lives.
Kyle Griffith postulated that the soul is composed of specialized forms of matter and energy presently unknown to physical science.

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To all you young idealists there will come a time when all those things you think of Life with your bright, trusting and believing eyes will become dust and slime. A time when you will understand the terrible and stupid horror that life may be, in reality.

In the Fifties, the mainstream of the UFO investigation movement had ostracized Palmer and Shaver for talking about mind control and secret conspiracies.

They’re supposed to be secret, but they really never have been – see William Heckethorn’s Secret Societies of all Ages and Countries, first published in 1875.

However, some members of modern occult groups that trace their descent back to certain Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges have put important elements of these
Traditional rituals into their writings for the general public. The writings of Aleister Crowley and the other Golden Dawn members are the best-known examples.

The fact that advanced magical techniques were used in the rituals without being
Openly explained to all of the members is evidence that the Masonic and Rosicrucian lodges may have been front organizations for a “secret society within a secret society”, which manipulated the other members for its own purposes. Many occultists have postulated the existence of such a group, and named it the “Invisible College.”

According to this theory, the Invisible College was a group of men with advanced
knowledge of medieval occultism, derived from the Knights Templar or other secret societies of the late Middle Ages. They infiltrated Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians around the beginning of the eighteenth century. Once they had assumed leadership, they started teaching the rational, humanistic doctrine that most people today associate with Masonry, which is also the political and ethical philosophy that forms the basis for modern Western civilization.

The term “operant conditioning” wasn’t added to the vocabulary of science until the Twentieth century, but occultists have practiced the technique for hundreds of years. And it worked very well, resulting in the birth of modern political democracy and liberalism, the rise of capitalism and the industrial revolution, the rapid advancement of Science, and the decline of Puritanism and other forms of Fundamentalist Christianity that opposed material progress.

My experiences with overhearing psychic messages regarding the Kennedy
assassination made me start looking for evidence that someone was telepathically
influencing large numbers of ordinary young people to take drugs, drop out, and join the counterculture. And yes, when I started asking people, they said they had first started using marijuana or LSD because they’d had dreams, visions, or simply
“hunches” that they ought to, and that these “feelings” predated any intellectual
knowledge about psychedelics.

Until I made the breakthrough in 1983, my attitude toward Christianity and the other major organized religions was ambiguous. On one level, it’s quite natural for occultists to feel apprehension toward all religious establishments. Our whole traditional literature is full of accounts of witch-burning and other persecution.

Politicians all over the world have used the U.S. Constitution with its Bill of Rights as a model for designing liberal, democratic institutions. The Founding Fathers included some of the most famous liberal political philosophers of all time: Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others.

One of the basic causes of Apartheid in South Africa is that large numbers of the
Afrikaners are Fundamentalist Protestants. Fundamentalism is responsible for much of the repression and totalitarianism in the Black African nations; Islam, Christianity, Vedanta, and various tribal religions are all involved.

The works of Charles Fort, the founder of modern research into unexplained phenomena starting with ‘Book of the Damned’ in 1918, he was the first to publish many of the simplest and most obvious explanations for a number of strange occurrences.

John Keel is another writer whose theories seem quite paranoid on the surface but
proved very helpful to me in making the breakthrough. He is the Ufologist who
claimed back in the Sixties that mysterious “Men in Black” often pose as government agents and harass people who have seen UFOs to keep them from talking about their experiences.

In Cosmic Trigger (1977), Robert Anton Wilson explains how and why the Illuminatus! trilogy was written, and states that he wasn’t completely aware himself when he wasspeculating seriously, and when he was just recording “wild ideas.” The book also explains that he was experimenting with psychedelic drugs and a variety of serious occult practices – sex magic, various forms of meditation and ritual, etc. – while he was writing Illuminatus! Since these practices develop the psychic powers, he may have received more of his ideas and conclusions by telepathy than he has ever admitted or consciously realized.

“I must tell you now that your God is a manifestation of some Lliogor. That is how
religion began, and how their servants in the Cult of the Yellow Sign continue it. All such experiences come from the Lliogor to enslave us. Revelations, visions, trances, and miracles, all of it is a trap.... Every religious leader in human history has been a member of the Cult of the Yellow Sign and all of their efforts are devoted to hoaxing, deluding, and enslaving the rest of us.”

And I’ll end with a paragraph from ‘Extra-Terrestrials Among Usby George C.
“Human psychic energy may be the equivalent of rocket fuel or cocaine to inhabitants of other dimensions.”

One of the questions I kept asking during my reading was, “Since I find it obvious that there is sufficient empirical evidence to prove that reincarnation and other spiritual phenomena are real, why haven’t more scientists come to this same
Conclusion?” (Page 63 to start)

The Theocrats are violating natural laws when they refuse to reincarnate. The souls of all living beings are constructed to incarnate and draw energy from the physical body. This is the only natural and efficient way in which the soul can get the vital energy it needs to function and regenerate itself.

The soul is actually an astral body, made up of a special form of matter. This
matter is composed of subatomic particles like ordinary matter, but with different
properties. Let us call this special form of matter astral matter, and the ordinary form physical matter.

The subatomic particles that compose astral matter have different properties
from the particles that compose physical matter. Physicists on Earth have named and described some of these properties, such as mass, spin, and electrical charge. You also have terms like “charm” in your vocabulary for properties the scientific community apparently understands much less clearly.

However, the astral subatomic particles equivalent to physical protons and neutrons are much less massive than physical electrons. Since physicists often describe physical electrons as having ”negligible mass” compared with physical protons and neutrons, this means that the total mass of astral atoms is extremely small.

Astral subatomic particles have a different characteristic that determines gravitational attraction. They are attracted by gravity to each other but not to particles of physical matter. In fact, the astral atoms and molecules that make up the soul occupy the same space as the physical matter that makes up the body. Both kinds of matter are mostly empty space between particles anyway, and since there is no gravitational attraction between the two kinds of matter, the molecules simply slip by one another. This also explains people’s inability to see astral matter or detect it with physical laboratory instruments.

Energy also exists in two different forms, physical energy and astral energy. The
photons that make up the two types again have different characteristics. Under most circumstances, astral photons do not react with physical subatomic particles. Nor do physical photons react with astral particles. However, the exception is important.

Here’s an attempt to explain why astral matter can react chemically with physical matter only within living molecules and not within simpler molecules. It has to do with the vibrational frequencies of photons produced when electrons of both physical and astral matter change energy levels within complex organic molecules. These frequencies are the same allowing physical photons to convert to astral and vice-versa. This happens only in certain kinds of molecules, not in all. These energy conversions allow a sort of chemical bonding to occur if the two molecules are similar enough.
How does this tie in with the idea that the body supplies the energy to nourish the
Ans) some of the electromagnetic energy generated chemically by the cell’s metabolic processes is converted into astral energy by the links between the physical and astral molecules. This energy flows into the astral matter that composes the soul, powering its various functions and providing the raw material for regeneration of its astral matter. In other words, some electro-magnetic energy is converted into astral energy, passed into the soul, and converted into astral matter there to perform cellular growth and repairs.

Human beings actually have two souls, not one. So do all other animals; but plants
have only one. The soul we’ve been talking about so far is a primitive structure, an
Astral body that is merely an analogue of the physical body. It is alive in the sense that it is made up of molecules of living astral matter, but it is not sentient. It has a nervous system but not a mind. The true soul, the one you were just talking about, is a separate structure of astral matter.

Using the term “somatic soul” for the primitive soul linked cell-by-cell to the body
and “astral soul” for the other will make it easier to discuss this subject. The astral
soul is a body of astral matter linked to the somatic soul’s nervous system by what you call the silver cord. This is structured like a segment of plant root with feeder roots at both ends. The feeders at one end tap into the somatic soul’s nervous system; those at the other end tap into the astral soul’s nervous system. Energy flows into the astral soul from the somatic soul and indirectly from the body through this cord. Energy flowing through the silver cord is the astral soul’s only truly efficient source of nourishment.

I conclude from this that a new somatic soul is created during the embryological
development of every new human being.
Ans). Correct. In fact, a cell of living physical matter can’t divide unless the astral cell linked to it also divides. Living cells and molecules can exist only in pairs, one
physical, and one astral. This is why many complex organic molecules undergo
chemical reactions differently in living cells from the way they do in a test tube.

There are two very different reincarnation processes. The commonest occurs even
before conception. Sexual activity often attracts a nearby spirit and causes a
temporary attachment to a woman’s somatic soul at the genital chakra. (The same
attachment can happen to a man, but it generally lasts only a few minutes, because the attachment point in a male’s somatic soul is vestigial, whereas the female’s is fully functional.) The attachment can last up to about twenty-four hours; and if conception occurs during this time, some of the hormonal secretions that accompany the process cause the woman’s nervous system to send energy to her somatic soul that keeps the attachment intact through the entire pregnancy. Late in pregnancy, when the somatic soul of the fetus becomes sufficiently developed, another hormonal change causes the mother’s genital chakra to reject the link to the attached soul, which then remains attached only to the fetus.

Another reason why Theocrats don’t want to reincarnate is that human beings have
two minds as well as two souls. One mind is in the physical body’s brain, the other is in the astral soul, and both have separate consciousness. Normally, the astral mind is conscious while the body sleeps and unconscious while the physical mind is awake.
The two are conscious simultaneously only during certain states of altered
consciousness. This “time-sharing” is humiliating for the astral mind’s ego,
which considers itself superior to that of the physical mind.

When the somatic soul transmits energy through the silver cord to nourish the astral soul, the pulses of energy are arranged in patterns that keep the growth of astral tissues in proper balance.

Babies are born into this world with an umbilical cord connecting them to the life-giving source of the mother which is disconnected after birth. People die and enter the spirit world with an "umbilical-like cord" connecting their spirit body to the life-giving source of the physical body which is disconnected after death. Many near-death and out-of-body experiencers have described seeing this "umbilical-like cord" connecting their spirit body to their physical body. Many religious traditions describe this spirit-body connecting cord which is commonly known as the "silver cord." Just as the baby's umbilical cord must be severed for the baby to experience life, the silver cord must be severed for the spirit body to experience spiritual life. 

Q. Exactly how does religious mind control work?
A. It involves what modern psychologists call “operant conditioning”: altering
behavior and mental programming by positive and negative reinforcement on the
physical and sensory level. The Theocrats strengthen this conditioning on the physical level by transmitting ideas and emotions directly into people’s subconscious minds by telepathy. Religious mind-control techniques are easier to understand if you realize that the Theocrats use people’s own psychic powers to control other members of the congregation.

Theocracy on Earth has passed through four different stages of development so
far, and is now entering a fifth.

a)     The first stage was tribal shamanism of the type that produced the Alta Mira cave paintings thousands of years ago. First-stage Theocratic religions have never entirely died out, and still exist today among certain tribes of North American Indians, Africans, and Australian Aborigines.
The souls of shamans often don’t allow the Theocrats to control them on the astral plane: either they reincarnate, or they set themselves up as independent Theocrats in competition with the existing ones hanging around that particular tribe.

b)    The second stage of Theocratic religion involves mass human sacrifice and
usually cannibalism on a large scale as well. The Aztecs practiced it until about five hundred years ago, and some of the ancient Middle Eastern people did also, starting about five thousand years ago.

The second stage of Theocratic religion was a failed experiment from the Theocratic point of view. And from the human point of view, such societies were so repugnant that few people want to learn much about them. This is why historians have written so little about them.

For example, the historians of ancient Rome reported that their leaders said, “ Carthage must be utterly destroyed,” and that the city was eventually torn down stone by stone, the population slaughtered, and the surrounding agricultural area sown with salt. But they didn’t explain in much detail what it was the Carthaginians did that justified this genocide, except that they practiced human sacrifice. Now, the Romans also practiced human sacrifice through most of their history: gladiatorial fights to the death and throwing people to the lions are definitely in that category, but the Roman religion was still third-stage, not second-stage. Human sacrifices were only a small, atavistic detail in Roman paganism, not the main focal point of the whole religious system that they were to the Carthaginians.

c)     The third stage of Theocratic religion involves mass animal sacrifices. Although they prefer human souls, Theocratic spirits can nourish themselves off the astral souls of lower animals to some extent. And these souls are easier to paralyze and control with religious rituals than human souls are. However, the astral tissues of animal souls aren’t very compatible with the astral souls of the Theocrats, so they are not a good food source. The main reason the third stage is considered higher than the second is simply that societies with such a religion can remain stable for long periods of time.

d)    The fourth stage of Theocratic religion is the one represented by all the major modern religions. Its most important characteristic is that the Theocrats use religious mind control to delude souls into deliberately putting themselves under Theocratic control after death, thinking they are entering “eternal bliss in Heaven” or “union with the Godhead.”

The Invisible College isn’t an organization by the usual definition of that term,
because it doesn’t have a political structure that all members recognize. The name is just a collective term in common use on the astral plane to describe all disembodied spirits who are not members of Theocratic bands and are not merely lost souls wandering around helpless because they can’t function effectively in the spirit world.

A synonym in wide use is “free spirits,” which contains a play on words because
“free” is used in two senses at once. It means “free of Theocratic control”
Simultaneously with “free to move around the astral plane at will and communicate telepathically with other spirits.”

There are three main groups of spirits in the Invisible College: Enlightened ones,
Magicians, and Space people.

Every human soul is intended to link periodically to a body. That means it has a certain size and shape, a fixed composition and patterning of astral matter, that is natural for it. A normal spirit can transmit only limited amounts of astral energy through the psychic powers. This amount of energy is actually lower, not higher, than that which can be radiated by the psychic powers of a similar spirit incarnated in a physical body.

Now, here’s our supplemental mythology about the Aquarian Age, which centers on the concept of “water.” In this context, Water symbolizes spiritual power. During the Piscean Age, the human race on Earth resembled an enormous school of fish: they were utterly dependent on the water, and had very little control over it. They simply lived in it and hoped to survive.

The New Age symbol is the human being taking control of the water, which also
represents spiritual power. However, if you take a closer look at the astronomical
mythology represented by the constellations, you’ll see that the water poured out by the Water Carrier is the source of the great celestial river, the constellation Eridanus which runs from the celestial equator far down in the southern sky.

Several modern UFO researchers who received telepathic communications containing words in an unknown language from sources that identified themselves as “space people.” Occultists later identified the words as belonging to the “Enochian” language. Over three hundred years ago, the English occultist John Dee received a long series of channelled messages in this language, and
occultists still study it today.
The reason we telepathically transmitted Enochian words like “affa” – meaning, very appropriately, “nothing” – to the Ufologists was to steer their thinking in certain direction.

First of all, there was never a physical seeding of amino acids to start organic life.
What actually happened was that disembodied spirits went to planets that were ready for life to develop, and created the amino acids by telekinetic manipulation of existing organic molecules. They assembled these amino acids into physical DNA using their own astral DNA molecules as templates.

The human astral soul is both an alien parasite or symbiotic, and a natural part of a
human being. All mammals have astral souls, but the astral soul of a human being is extremely different from the astral soul of an ape.
Human beings were radically altered by psychokinetic genetic manipulation to become physically different from other apes. The brain, the hands, the sense organs, the general musculature, and the organs used in standing and walking erect are all very different in humans than they are in apes.

The somatic soul of the human species was genetically altered just as radically as the body, and is also very different from the somatic soul of an ape. The human somatic soul’s nervous system is much more highly developed for transmitting and using astral energy, and the attachment point for the astral soul is much more highly developed.
This attachment point allows any human astral soul to incarnate, including those used to incarnating in bodies very different from human bodies on Earth. In other words, there is a sort of standardization among human-type bodies on many different worlds to allow them to be linked to a wide variety of astral souls. There are often problems of astral tissue-compatibility if body and soul are too different, but it is still possible for many different types of astral souls from many different worlds to incarnate on Earth.
On one level, Elementals are specialized types of Theocratic bands. They are very
large composite spirits containing thousands of human astral souls very closely linked together. On another, they are sentient creatures in their own right, with personalities and emotions quite different from those of ordinary human beings. One thing we want to stress: Elementals and humans are not two races of beings, but different forms of one race. The astral DNA template of both is identical, but humans are the individual form and Elementals are the composite form.

Composite physical life forms exist on Earth. The bees, ants, termites, and other
social insects are the most intelligent of these. The Elementals bear the sane
relationship to humans as an ordinary honeybee colony does to a primitive, solitary
bee or wasp.

The nature of group minds depends on the amount of control they have over their
individual members. There are roughly four levels of control, though each integrates with the next. These can be verbalized as co-operation, persuasion, coercion, and compulsion.

a)     Co-operation is working with others because your mutual interests coincide, and the shared effort is of mutual benefit without major concessions on the part of either party involved.
b)    Persuasion is essentially barter: “I’ll do this for you if you’ll do that for me.”
c)     Coercion is similar, but the barter is negative: “I’ll do harm to you unless you do some particular thing for me.”
d)    Compulsion is direct control of someone else that transcends that other person’s volition.

Several North American Indian mythologies describe the Windigo as a huge, powerful disembodied spirit that is capable of both reasoning and speech. However, it behaves like a predatory animal, not a human being. The legends say it eats the souls of the dead on the astral plane, and can sometimes kill living people and devour their souls as well.

The Windigo is one of the most frightening spiritual monsters in human mythology.

In a primitive, animalistic Elemental, these attachment points remain empty when the creature reaches maturity. To produce a God, human astral souls attach themselves to these points as the Elemental is growing and try to control it. If it overcomes them and remains an animal, then it may have to be killed. If the spirits win and tame the Elemental, it becomes a God.
A God allows human spirits at an advanced state of development to attach themselves to it and travel with it when it leaves its planet of origin and travels into deep space.
These spirits are mentioned in Earth mythologies as “the sons of the Gods,” “Elohim,” and by many other names. Once the young God becomes fully conscious, they stop controlling the God, and it stops trying to control them. Both cooperate for mutual benefit.

The use of the term “black magic” for psychic workings performed with the aid of
psychic technology has a similar grounding in operational reality. The energies
radiated by astral-matter machines appear to be black in color when perceived with the psychic senses, whereas the energies radiated by human astral souls – including those of Theocrats – appear to be white or bright-colored. This has a physical cause related to the frequency of the radiant astral energies themselves: the former appear
absorptive and the latter reflective.

All use of psychic technology radiates “black” energy and all use of people’s own
psychic powers radiates white energy, and this has absolutely no relationship to
whether these energies are being used for good or evil purposes. Theocratic
propaganda long ago taught people to identify the concept of “black magic” with evil, because the Invisible College has always made more extensive use of it than the Theocrats.

Some of the Theocrats and many spirits in the Invisible College know what kind of
people are here doing various jobs. If they want to communicate with such people,
they send a group of machine-language symbols that a mind of one exact type will
receive, and no other. If you are that type, you will hear your name being called, or
will otherwise be aware that someone has a message for you. What you don’t seem to be aware of is that only you or someone exactly like you can hear the signal if it is specific enough. Some of these call codes are more specific than others. Some can be heard by conscious extraterrestrial agents; others by all extraterrestrials, period; and some by everyone with a certain degree of psychic development.

Free Spirits merely communicate telepathically. They don’t approach other spirits
closely, even when they assist them in reincarnating, but instead “talk them through” the process. Remember: “TALK, BUT DON’T TOUCH.”

The more conscious control that people develop over their psychic senses and powers during this life, the better chance they have of surviving on the astral plane after death long enough to reincarnate. Disembodied spirits see by clairvoyance, communicate by telepathy, and move by telekinesis. If you don’t have conscious control over these psychic powers, you may be blind, dumb, and paralyzed after death.
If you’re lucky, you’ll discover after you reach the astral plane that your soul contains residual memories from a previous life that give you access to these powers; but it’s best not to bet the life of your mortal soul on it. Learning psychic skills is a lot of work, but we strongly recommend it to everyone who makes the breakthrough.

Most books by members of the modern occult traditions derived from the old Masons and Rosicrucians use analogies drawn from Judeo-Christianity: both its mainstream and its heresies. There are endless complex references to Holy Guardian Angels, Elohim, Pre-Adamites, Daemons, the Cabalistic Tree of Life, the Logos and the Gnosis, etc.
It often takes years for students to learn this complicated mythology, and by the time they’ve mastered it, they’ve usually picked up so much egotism and paranoia along the way that they never make the breakthrough in the same sense that you have made it.

The symbol that the Invisible College has chosen to represent the Spiritual
Revolutionary movement is simply a five-pointed star with the symbol “<” inside it. (This is how the ancient Romans wrote the letter that appears as “C” in English). The IC’s symbol for the Spiritual Revolutionary movement combines the Masonic “Great Star” and the “G” that appears so frequently inside various other Masonic symbols.

The five-pointed star has been used in the West throughout the Christian era to
symbolize many different forms of organized opposition to Theocratic religion. It is still in use today by Witches and Pagan groups as well by many different occult

Other occult groups interpret the “<” as a “Gamma,” standing for the “Gnosis,”

or “Great Secret.” Another interpretation is as a “Kappa” to begin the Greek adjective “kryptos,” meaning “secret.” The “<” can also be interpreted as a Roman C standing for Custodes, meaning Guardians, as in Guardians of the Great Secret” or “Guardians of the Human Race,” depending on whether it refers to people who have made the breakthrough or to the Invisible College.

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